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  • Exploring the Benefits of Investing in Pre-Selling Condos

    Investing in real estate is a smart way to grow your wealth, and condominium units are an excellent option for first-time and experienced investors alike. Condos offer a sense of security and require less maintenance compared to houses, making them an attractive investment. Additionally, purchasing a condo is usually more affordable than buying a house […]

  • Should You Offer Seller’s Financing on Your Home?

    The housing market can be pretty competitive as well as expensive for both a seller and a buyer. Though most real estate transactions are handled by real estate agents and the money for the sale is loaned to the buyer by a financial institution, there are plenty of cases where the owner finances the sale.  […]

  • Taking the Stress Out of Home-Buying

    Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Making a checklist of wants and needs is fun and you know you can make your dreams come true by working with your real estate agent to find the perfect home. Searching and going through the process of home buying can […]

  • What Can Go Wrong? The Possibilities are Endless

    The home-buying process is exciting, exhilarating, extremely tiring and probably one of the most overwhelming tasks you’ve ever attempted. There could be hundreds of little things (and some big ones) that can go wrong and put your emotions in a tailspin. The searching part is mostly fun and you’re getting to see what’s available in […]

  • Including Your Home in MLS

    It’s a tough job trying to sell a house. Professionals have access to certain tools and it used to be that homeowners who wanted to sell their home without an agent couldn’t have access to these tools. But those times have changed. Now, anyone can list their home on the multiple listing service (MLS) so […]

  • Know the Deal Breakers

    Before you make a bid on a home you’ve found, you should know some of the deal breakers you should double-check before submitting your offer. Inspecting the home is an absolute necessity and keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. There can be little flaws such as paint you don’t like or old appliances, […]

  • Protecting Your Assets

    When you have something valuable, you want to make sure that you keep it safe.  By investing in the right types of protection and insuring your real estate property and the things that you hold inside of it, you will have the ability to keep the things that are valuable or have the ability to […]

  • Selling The Home-Should I Hire a Realtor or Sell It Myself?

    Real estate is big business.  Real estate agents make a living, and quite often a good one, by helping people buy and sell homes.  But some people choose to cut out the middleman and sell their own homes.  There are arguments for and against both methods of home selling. Many people choose to go through […]

  • Attend Open Houses to Get a Feel for What You Want – and Don’t Want

    You’ve outgrown the house you’re in and find out you qualify for a mortgage that will let you upsize. Or, your kids have flown the nest and you’re ready to sell the family home and downsize – or, you may be a first-time home-buyer and need help deciding what you want. Whatever the reason for […]

  • Rental Insurance – Protect Your Assets!

    If you’re renting a home, apartment or a condo it’s important to know that your items are not insured under the home owner’s insurance policy. That means if there is a fire, theft, or any damage to the home, your belongings are not covered.  Here are some things to consider: Renter’s insurance is sold by […]

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